Prevent T2 Materials and Handouts

This section consist of materials and handouts for coaches and participants.

Lifesyle Coach Log pdf icon[PDF-857KB]
Use the lifestyle coaches log to record participants’ data for each session.

Fitness Log pdf icon[PDF-438KB]
Participants must use their Fitness Log each day to track their minutes of activity (starting after the Track Your Activity module). The activity must be of at least a moderate pace. Participants must show their Fitness Log at the start of each session.

Food Log pdf icon[PDF-2.1MB]
Participants are encouraged to use their Food Log to track their eating (starting after the Track Your Food module).

Weight Log pdf icon[PDF-731KB]
At each session, weigh participants in private and tell them how much they weigh. Participants must record this number in their Weight Log.

Action Plan Journal pdf icon[PDF-4.3MB]
Participants are encouraged to make a new action plan during each session and to try it at home.

Other Materials:

Program Meeting Schedule pdf icon[PDF-445KB] – Program meeting schedule for participants

Quick Guide pdf icon[PDF-3.9MB] – Tips to reach and stay at a healthy weight

Ready, Set, Quit! pdf icon[PDF-3.8MB] – Tips for how to quit smoking

To Learn More pdf icon[PDF-364KB] – A list of resources for preventing type 2 diabetes

Certificate of Completion pdf icon[PDF-445KB] – May be given to participants at the last session

Page last reviewed: March 1, 2016