Eagle Books

The Eagle Books are a series of books for young readers that encourage healthy living. They were developed in response to the burden of diabetes among Native Americans and the lack of diabetes prevention materials for Native American children. The colorful, Native American inspired characters in the stories promote healthy eating, physical activity, and diabetes awareness.

There are four books for K–4 readers, plus three chapter books and a graphic novel for readers in grades 5–8. All books can be ordered or downloaded for free.

drawing of child talking with an eagle

The books were written by Georgia Perez, a community health representative in Nambe Pueblo, New Mexico, and illustrated by Patrick Rolo (Bad River Band of Ojibwe, Wisconsin) and Lisa A. Fifield (Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin, Black Bear Clan).

Grades K-4
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The Eagle Books for early readers in grades K–4 are a series of four books written by Georgia Perez with illustrations by Patrick Rolo and Lisa A. Fifield. These books follow Rain That Dances and his friends, Thunder Cloud, Little Hummingbird, and Simon, as they learn about traditional ways of being healthy from a wise eagle and his animal friends. The books promote type 2 diabetes prevention by encouraging young readers to be physically active and eat healthy foods.

Grades 5-8
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The Eagle Books for young people in grades 5–8 is a series of youth novels written by Terry Lofton and illustrated by Patrick Polo and Lisa A. Fifield. The novels follow Rain That Dances and his friends on adventures that reinforce Native wisdom, encouraging friends and families to stay healthy by being active and eating healthy food. In addition to the books, a four-volume graphic novel that expands the story of Coyote and the Turtle’s Dream with new characters and adventures is available for download.