Eagle Books for Grades K-4

Young boy looking out his bedroom window at nature.

The Eagle Books for early readers in grades K–4 are a series of four books written by Georgia Perez with illustrations by Patrick Rolo and Lisa A. Fifield. These books follow Rain That Dances and his friends, Thunder Cloud, Little Hummingbird, and Simon, as they learn about traditional ways of being healthy from a wise eagle and his animal friends. The books promote type 2 diabetes prevention by encouraging young readers to be physically active and eat healthy foods.

*Note: These are also available as e-books that have been optimized for best viewing on a tablet. You can find those files here: Eagle eBooks.

Through the Eyes of the Eagle (Book 1)
Through the Eyes of the Eagle cover image

Rain That Dances meets an eagle who is sad because people in the community are not as healthy as they could be, and many have type 2 diabetes. Mr. Eagle tells Rain That Dances that his people need to remember their ancestors’ healthy ways.

Knees Lifted High (Book 2)
Knees Lifted High cover image

Rain That Dances introduces his best friend, Thunder Cloud, to Mr. Eagle. Mr. Eagle encourages the boys to be physically active every day and shows them how much fun it can be.

Plate Full of Color (Book 3)
Plate Full of Color cover image

Miss Rabbit meets the boys’ friends, Little Hummingbird and Simon. Miss Rabbit teaches the children the value of eating a variety of colorful healthy foods.

Tricky Treats (Book 4)
Tricky Treats cover image

Coyote tries to trick the children into eating unhealthy foods. The children learn the importance of choosing small amounts of healthy foods for everyday snacks.

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