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Our public information campaigns and collections provide key insights on prediabetes, preventing type 2 diabetes, and living well with diabetes. Explore them all and share with friends and family.

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Imagine You Preventing Type 2

Profile of a woman next to the wording: “Imagine You Preventing Type 2, National Diabetes Prevention Program.”
For the first time, Brenda lost weight and kept it off—and now lives pain free.

Imagine you could join a proven program to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Imagine becoming a healthier you, with the support of a trained Lifestyle Coach to help you meet your goals. Watch these real-life success stories and learn how you too can lower your type 2 diabetes risk. Join the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program.

Diabetes Kickstart

Illustration of a man and woman next to the wording “Diabetes Kickstart: Get started living well with diabetes now.”
These seven animated videos show you the self-care steps you need to manage diabetes.

Find out the basics of managing diabetes when you watch these short, info-packed animated videos. Created for people at any point of living with diabetes, from newly diagnosed to needing a refresher.

Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC

Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC, with a picture of Joan Lunden smiling
Joan and guests cover topics from reversing diabetes to avoiding diabetes complications.

Created to reach Americans with diabetes or prediabetes, this mini-series shares proven strategies for preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes and offers resources for living well with diabetes. Your Health aired on CBS-owned TV networks, on select CW networks, on the Health Media Network in physicians' offices, and in airports nationwide.

More to watch

A Change for Life

National Diabetes Prevention Program video demonstrates how lifestyle change classes can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by nearly 60% in people at high risk.

What Is Diabetes?

Find out how diabetes affects the body. Watch in Spanish.

Diabetes and COVID-19

Learn about how diabetes self-management education can help you keep up with a healthy lifestyle during difficult times. Watch in Spanish.

DSMES: Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

Learn strategies to live a healthier life with diabetes self-management education and support services. Watch in Spanish.

Prediabetes es hora de informarse

Diabetes en la comunidad de hispana