GIS Capacity Building Project: Annual Highlights Reports

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People in a GIS training class.

Each year, the GIS Highlights Report showcases a few maps from the current cohort of health departments participating in the GIS Capacity Building Program. The maps demonstrate how GIS is being used for the surveillance, prevention, and treatment of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

Browse the most recent Highlights Report to see:

  • Maps created by health department participants to address chronic disease priorities.
  • Key points and a short description for each map.
  • A list of health department staff who participated in the GIS Capacity Building Project.

Click here to view GIS Highlights Reports from previous years.

The GIS Capacity Building Project:

Click here to learn more about Building GIS Capacity for Chronic Disease Surveillance.

Participant Feedback

GIS participants talking.

“Having participated in both the capacity building and advanced GIS training (and many training opportunities during my career), I can honestly say this series is one of the best quality trainings I’ve ever participated in.”

“The training team is helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The content is relevant and has had lasting impact on my work. The support and guidance from the CDC are terrific. These opportunities are much appreciated by our state. Thank you!”