Prepare Your Health

Have you planned ahead?

It’s been said that your health is your most important asset. Do all you can to prepare and protect it from a natural disaster, disease outbreak, or other emergency.

Despite the many reasons and motivations to prepare for an emergency, many people are un- or underprepared to protect the health of their families from the direct and indirect effects of an emergency on the public health and healthcare systems.

Prepare Your Health encourages personal health preparedness for public health emergencies with practical advice on how to get ready and build resilience.

Prepare Your Health is organized into three categories: Take Action, Plan Ahead, and Create Community. Use the information on these webpages to help you prepare your family for disasters and public health emergencies.

Share what you’ve learned with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and social media followers to help build more resilient communities.

Personal Health Preparedness

Be prepared to protect your health until help arrives.


Have a strategy for staying informed, healthy, and in contact.


Team up with neighbors to help build community health resilience.

Personal Health Resilience

A person’s “resilience” is their ability to bounce back from a difficult or life-changing event—like the diagnosis of chronic disease or the impacts of a natural disaster. People—and communities they are a part of—are better able to withstand, adapt to, and recover from adversity when they make healthy choices, like the decision to prepare for emergencies.

When enough healthy, socially connected, and prepared people come together, they form a community that is often better able to withstand, manage, and recover from disasters.

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