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With many children learning from home this year, we need to prevent cyberbullying. For #BullyingPreventionMonth, support schools in teaching staff how to identify, prevent, and #StopBullying. #CDCHealthySchools
October is #SIDSAwarenessMonth! Do you know what a #SafeSleep area for a baby looks like? If so, share a photo of your baby on your social media account using #SafeSleepSnap.
#RemoteLearning can be challenging for both parents and kids. Use these tips to help your kids stay healthy, active, and focused at home. #HealthyAtHome
Are you putting the right things in your kids' backpacks? Find out and learn more about how to keep your kids safe from getting sick or hurt at school. #CDCHealthySchools

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Karen Hacker, MD, MPH, Director, CDC NCCDPHP & division directors, invites public health professionals to talk about chronic disease prevention & health promotion.

Page last reviewed: October 7, 2020