Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find a hospital’s mPINC data?

A: A hospital’s mPINC data is included in its latest mPINC Hospital Report. mPINC data can also be requested from CDC by submitting a data request to Only state health departments can request reports for facilities in their state. Hospitals can request their own facility data. Alternatively, if a hospital did not complete the mPINC survey, they can download the mPINC questionnaire to assess their own maternity care practices and policies. If you are not a participating hospital or a state health department, you will need to work directly with hospitals to get mPINC data.

Q: How do I find a hospital’s answer for each of the mPINC items included in this tool?

A: A hospital’s response to each mPINC item is displayed on its mPINC Hospital Report in the column “Your Response”. Every item included in this tool, except for a hospital’s prenatal breastfeeding education information, is included in the hospital’s mPINC Hospital Report. If you cannot determine if a hospital offers prenatal breastfeeding education, mPINC data can be requested from CDC by state health departments and hospitals by submitting a data request to

Q: Does this tool provide an overall score?

A: No. This tool does not provide an overall score. This tool identifies the mPINC item(s) that correspond to each of the Ten Steps and identifies ideal and not-ideal response choices for each item to help assess implementation of each Step.

Q: If this tool indicates a hospital is implementing each of the Ten Steps does that mean that hospital is ready for Baby-Friendly designation?

A: No. This tool does not replace or serve as a pretest for Baby-Friendly assessments or designation. Hospitals interested in pursuing Baby-Friendly designation can learn more about the designation process from Baby-Friendly USA.

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