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Scoring: Maternity Practices

Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC)

CDC calculates scores on a scale from 0—100, for most individual survey items, with higher scores denoting better maternity care practices and policies. Download the mPINC Scoring Algorithm[PDF-231KB]

Facility Scores:

CDC calculates Facility mPINC Subscores across 7 maternity care practice domains, which in turn contribute to every facility’s Total Facility mPINC Score. CDC creates annotated individualized score reports for every facility that participates in the mPINC Survey. In each report, CDC provides back to every facility their complete survey results on all individual survey item scores. CDC provides also each facility’s own Facility mPINC Subscores and Total Facility mPINC Score, benchmarked to all hospitals nationwide, all other hospitals nationwide of similar size, and all hospitals in their own state.

State Scores:

In addition to State mPINC Subscores and Total State mPINC Scores that summarize responses from all facilities in each State and Territory, CDC calculates for each state the proportion of that state’s facilities that reported the ideal response on each of the individual items that are scored, and the state’s rank among all other states for both their Total State mPINC Score and each of the individual scored items. CDC creates summary reports illustrating select items / practices worthy of attention, State mPINC Subscores and Total State mPINC Scores, prevalence of hospitals statewide with ideal responses for each scored item, and individual scored item and total score State Ranks.