Scoring: Maternity Practices

Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC)

2018 and future mPINC surveys

The 2018 mPINC data cleaning and analysis are currently underway. CDC will post methods for scoring here when they are available.

2007–2015 mPINC surveys

Facility Scores:

CDC calculated facility mPINC sub-scores across 7 maternity care practice domains, which in turn contributed to the facility’s total mPINC Score. CDC created individualized score reports for every participating facility in the mPINC survey. In each report, CDC provided each facility’s own mPINC sub-scores and total mPINC score, benchmarked to all hospitals nationwide, all other hospitals of similar size, and all hospitals in their own state.

State Scores:

CDC summarized state mPINC sub-scores and total scores from all facilities in each state and territory, and calculated the proportion of each state’s facilities that reported ideal responses for scored items and the state’s rank among all other states for their total state mPINC score. CDC created summary reports highlighting state scores, ideal responses, total score ranks, and select items and practices worthy of attention.