Blastomycosis Personal Stories

At a glance

  • Heidi's experience with blastomycosis highlights the need for awareness and research on thelong term effects of the disease.
  • Kevin, a medically trained bioengineer, struggled to get the appropriate diagnosis of blastomycosis. His story emphasizes the effectiveness of a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.
Man holding up a fish that he caught

Heidi's story

What started as a weeklong fever led to a debilitating disease that changed Heidi's life completely.

"I thought it'd just be like normal pneumonia where I take antibiotics for a couple of weeks and I'd be better. But it's been several months, and I'm still recovering," Heidi said.

Heidi sitting on a chair in a forest
Heidi enjoying a camping trip in Minnesota.

Kevin's story

Chest pain, high fever, cough, and extreme fatigue suddenly consumed Kevin. He experienced a whirlwind of confusion and emotions as he tried to get treated for his mysterious illness.

"I'm grateful that there's a good treatment out there for this disease for anyone who gets it. Once you get the right diagnosis, the treatment is very effective," he said.

man holding a fish by a lake
Kevin on a fishing trip on a Minnesota lake.