EXHALE Resources for Public Health Professionals

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  • is a set of six strategies that each contribute to better asthma control;
  • can help both children and adults with asthma; and
  • can have the greatest impact when multiple strategies are used together.

On this page, you can find a guide, a slide presentation, fact sheets, and other resources about EXHALE. You can find case studies in EXHALE Examples from States.

EXHALE Guide for Public Health Professionals

EXHALE Guide for Public Health Professionals pdf icon[PDF – 4 MB]
This guide explains how public health professionals can use EXHALE strategies to help people with asthma.

EXHALE Strategies to help people with asthma breathe easier PPTX Deck

EXHALE Slide Presentation ppt icon[PPTX – 15 MB]
This slide presentation provides an overview of EXHALE.

Learn more about each EXHALE strategy

These six fact sheets briefly describe the six EXHALE strategies.

on asthma self-management
smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke
visits for trigger reduction and asthma self-management education
of guidelines-based medical management
and coordination of care across settings
policies or best practices to reduce asthma triggers from indoor, outdoor, or occupational sources
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This document describes the evidence behind EXHALE. [PDF - 760 KB]
Page last reviewed: December 3, 2020