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The Right Tool - image of Mom making kids lunch using the wrong tools

The Right Tool [30 seconds]

You have to use the right tool for the job. A power drill is the wrong tool to slice fruit, just like an antibiotic is the wrong tool to treat viruses, including colds and flu. Antibiotics are only needed for certain bacterial infections. When they aren’t needed, antibiotics won’t help you and the side effects could still hurt you. Ask your healthcare professional when an antibiotic is the right tool and when it’s not. Visit

Can I feel better without antibiotics?

La Herramienta Correcta [30 seconds]

Los antibióticos tratan ciertas infecciones causadas por bacterias. No tratan infecciones virales, como los resfriados o la influenza. Cuando no se necesitan, los antibióticos no lo ayudarán y los efectos secundarios incluso podrían hacerle daño. Tome Conciencia sobre los Antibióticos. Para obtener más información, visite