Air Quality Resources for Professionals

Below you’ll find a variety of helpful resources about air quality for public health professionals — including research, data, tools for tracking the health impact of air pollution, and more.

Data on Air Quality

Use these links to find the latest data on air quality — and learn about data collection methods.

Current Air Quality Information

Use these links to get live updates about air quality.

The Health Impact of Air Pollution

Use these tools to help you stay up to date about the health impact of air quality.

Training for Health Care Providers

These toolkits can help you communicate with consumers about public health issues related to air pollution.

You can also share this podcast with tips for avoiding the harmful health effects of poor air quality.

Information on Air Pollutants

Find information about EPA-classified air pollutants.

Research from CDC

Below you’ll find research on air quality and its health effects.

Publications from the International Biomass Smoke Health Effects Conference (IBSHE)

Other CDC Publications on Air Quality

Check out the other most recent research and reports listed by year.









Page last reviewed: June 13, 2018