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CDC Takes Action

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided either mobile homes or travel trailers to displaced Gulf Coast residents who had lost their homes in the hurricane. Residents of these trailers and mobile homes have raised concerns about air quality in the trailers and the occurrence of respiratory and other symptoms resulting from exposure to formaldehyde or other respiratory irritants among residents of the mobile homes. CDC has been working with FEMA to investigate the health concerns of those living in the trailers and mobile homes and to take action to protect residents’ health.

Trailer Assessment Reports

On February 14, 2008, CDC released preliminary results from testing that found higher-than-typical indoor levels of formaldehyde in the travel trailers and mobile homes. Below is a listing of all of the trailer assessment reports available from the CDC.

Final Report of Children’s Health After the Storms Feasibility Study – September 2013

Final Report [PDF – 5.5 MB]

Evaluation of Mitigation Strategies for Reducing Formaldehyde Concentrations in Unoccupied Federal Emergency Management Agency-owned Travel Trailers

Final Report – December 10, 2009 [PDF – 12.3 MB]

Short-term Monitoring Of Formaldehyde: Comparison Of Two Direct-reading Instruments To A Laboratory-based Method

Report – June 2009 [PDF – 1.2 MB]

Formaldehyde Levels in FEMA-Supplied Travel Trailers, Park Models, and Mobile Homes
Final Report – July 2, 2008, Amended December 15, 2010The final report, “Formaldehyde Levels in FEMA-Supplied Travel Trailers, Park Models, and Mobile Homes,” has been updated to include additional citations that support content in the background section of the report. The updates are noted in the report with footnotes. These amendments do not change the findings or conclusions of the final report.

Protocol for Evaluation – December 13, 2007

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Report – Final – December 10, 2009

TKC Expert Panel for the Public Health Assessment of Air Quality in FEMA Temporary Housing – Final Report – May 1-2, 2008

Final Report [PDF – 161 KB]

Health Consultation analyses of formaldehyde sampling data collected in 96 unoccupied housing units by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Assessment of Health Complaints Among Children Living in FEMA Temporary Housing Units in Hancock County, Mississippi
Report – April 24, 2008

Summary of Expert Panel’s Report to CDC on Health Issues and Temporary Housing

Report [PDF – 35 KB]

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