Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Modules

Healthy Older adults

The BRFSS Cognitive Decline module measures self-reported increased confusion or memory loss (ICML) and its associated effects on function and daily living. The information is used for public health purposes to describe problems associated with ICML in states and communities and help inform programs and policies.

Healthy older adults

The BRFSS Caregiver module is designed to provide information about persons needing care from those who self-identify as caregivers. This includes their relationship, the major illness or disability that makes caregiving necessary, and the type of care that they provide for that person. The caregiver is also asked about what types of services they need to assist them in the caregiving role.

For those who are not currently caregivers, a question is included asking them to forecast whether they believe they will become caregivers in the next five years.