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Rose's Story

Rose developed lung cancer from smoking cigarettes. She's had chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and a surprisingly painful tube in her chest. Doctors were able to remove the part of Rose's lung with cancer, but problems kept her in the hospital for a month with a chest tube. "The whole time it was in there, it was painful," she said. "The last 3 or 4 days, I literally cried." Finally, the chest tube came out—with a sharp, jabbing pain.

The cause of Rose's cancer–cigarettes–goes back to her childhood. Rose started smoking at age 13 and continued for many years, smoking two packs a day. The addiction nearly caused her to lose a foot because of clogged blood vessels–and then caused lung cancer when she was 58 years old. "I regret picking up smoking in the first place," said Rose. "It’s just addictive." Rose needed a second surgery after cancer spread to her brain. Today, she tries to spend as much time as possible with her friends and family–especially her three grandchildren, who mean the world to her.

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Rose: Three Keys to Recovery

Rose has lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, and she has needed very difficult treatments to save her life. Through it all, Rose finds new strength. This video explains three keys to her recovery: family support, faith, and quitting smoking.

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