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For more images and photos, please see CDC's Tips From Former Smokers Digital Press Kit, which includes resources, multimedia, and quotes from experts.

Tips 2014 Photos


Photo of Amanda
[JPEG, 400x267 - 38KB]

Amanda, 30, Wisconsin; smoked during pregnancy and had a premature baby


Photo of Brett
[JPEG, 400x267 - 31KB]

Brett, 50, New Mexico; smoked and lost most of his teeth to gum disease


Photo of Brian
[JPEG, 400x267 - 40KB]

Brian, 45, California; had a stroke triggered by smoking combined with HIV


Photo of Felicita
[JPEG, 267x400 - 45KB]

Felicita, 54, Florida; lost all her teeth by age 50


Photo of Rose
[JPEG, 400x267 - 22KB]

Rose, 59, Texas; diagnosed with lung cancer that spread to her brain

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Tips 2013 Photos


Photo of Bill
[JPEG, 400x267 - 47KB]

Bill, 40, Michigan; diagnosed with diabetes; has other health problems, too


Photo of Ellie
[JPEG, 400x267 - 38KB]

Ellie, 57, Florida; had asthma attack triggered by secondhand smoke at 35


Photo of Jamason
[JPEG, 267x400 - 34KB]

Jamason, 18, Kentucky; had asthma attack triggered by secondhand smoke at 16


Photo of Mariano
[JPEG, 400x267 - 47KB]

Mariano, 55, Illinois; had open heart surgery at age 47


Photo of Michael
[JPEG, 400x267 - 36KB]

Michael, 57, Alaska; diagnosed with COPD at age 44


Photo of Nathan
[JPEG, 400x267 - 40KB]

Nathan, 54, Idaho; has severe lung damage from secondhand smoke exposure


Photo of Terrie
[JPEG, 400x267 - 37KB]

Terrie, 52, North Carolina; diagnosed with oral and throat cancers at 40


Photo of Tiffany
[JPEG, 400x267 - 47KB]

Tiffany, 35, Louisiana; quit smoking at 34; smoke-free since January 2012

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Tips 2012 Photos


Photo of Annette [JPEG, 200x286 - 73KB],
57, New York; diagnosed with lung cancer at age 52


Photo of Brandon [JPEG, 200x292 - 71KB],
31, North Dakota; diagnosed with Buerger’s disease at age 18


Photo of Shawn [JPEG, 154x251 - 55KB],
51, Washington State; diagnosed with throat cancer at age 46


Photo of Shawn [JPEG, 586x198 - 101KB],
51, Washington State; diagnosed with throat cancer at age 46


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