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Procurement and Grants Office

Procurement and Grants Office
RFP 2000N00120: AMENDMENT #1

CITS Solicitation No. 2000-N-00120:
Notice of Upcoming Release of Amendment #2


July 3, 2001

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This notification is posted to inform all interested parties that Amendment #2 for RFP 2000-N-00120 is anticipated to be released on or before July 16, 2001. In an effort to provide as much timely information to interested parties as possible the Government is providing the following information on Amendment #2.

  • On the date Amendment #2 is released, a letter will be sent to all firms on the bidder's mailing list that the Amendment has been posted to the two websites, and CDC will mail this letter notification via regular mail. Interested firms should continue to visit the websites regularly so that the Amendment can be downloaded in a timely fashion so as to maximize time for preparation of proposals.
  • The Questions under the Inquiries portion of the RFP and the Answers will be uploaded immediately upon completion of CDC review. Offerors are herewith notified that this document may be uploaded in advance of Amendment #2.
  • CDC anticipates giving offerors 45 calendar days in which to prepare proposals. Therefore proposals will be due 45 calendar days from the date appearing in Section A, Item 5 of Amendment #2.

The following bulleted information provides important insights into the content of Amendment #2.

  • Amendment #2 allows for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and all other HHS Agencies to use the contract under the full and open competition. Therefore, the level of effort under the full and open competition is increased by 20 percent. There are notable changes to Section B.
  • There is no significant change to the scope of work. The potential use of the contract by HHS and HHS Agencies expands the level of effort, not the contents of the scope of work. Therefore Section C changes are made in consideration of questions asked under Inquiries and some additional information on HHS.
  • There is no change to the technical evaluation criteria that would make the preliminary work done by potential offerors invalid. The Government is not changing the technical evaluation criteria. CDC will make some changes to the content of some of the evaluation criteria by virtue of the questions received under Inquiries.
  • There are changes to the business proposal by virtue of the expansion; however, CDC has, and will continue to, make every effort to make the changes as simple and non-impacting as possible.
  • There are no changes to Section M of the RFP by virtue of the expansion.

CDC encourages interested parties to visit the websites daily. CDC has every intention of uploading Amendment #2 on or before July 16, 2001.

Questions about this RFP and any amendments should be directed to Deborah S. Fallick

Questions about this web page should be directed to Linda M. Young


This Government Computer System is provided as a public service by the CDC/PGO Directorate of Contracting, Atlanta, Georgia. It is intended for use by the public for viewing and retrieving information only. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this service are strictly prohibited and are punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. Unless otherwise indicated, all information on this system is public information and is available to copy or distribute.

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This page posted July 3, 2001

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