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By providing exceptional customer service in the management of CDC’s acquisition, assistance, budget and financial processes, CDC’s Office of Financial Resources plays an essential role in furthering CDC’s mission of creating expertise, information, and tools people and communities need to protect their health. It is our job to help ensure our customers are able to accomplish their vital public health missions.

The Office of Financial Resources (OFR)

  • Provides leadership, direction, and guidance in matters regarding CDC/ATSDR financial resources, in support of the public health science and programs
  • Plans, develops, and implements policies, procedures, and practices to ensure effective customer service in financial management, grants, and acquisition processes
  • Aligns agency-wide financial management, grants, and acquisition processes with applicable laws, regulations, and policies
  • Ensures that appropriated funds are utilized in compliance with Congressional mandate

OFR’s Vision and Mission


Excellence and innovation in the investment and management of public funds for public health through the proud contributions of a talented and diverse workforce.


The Office of Financial Resources contributes to the achievement of positive public health outcomes at CDC by providing exemplary customer-focused leadership and fiscal stewardship in appropriations, acquisitions, assistance, and financial management with accountability and sound business practices.

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