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Procurement and Grants Office

Procurement and Grants Office
RFP 2000N00120: AMENDMENT #2
RFP 2000N00120: AMENDMENT #1

CITS Solicitation No. 2000-N-00120:
Amendment #2

Linked below is Amendment 2 to Final RFP No. 2000-N-00120. Also linked are amended attachments. Please read the notation below each attachment carefully.

Each linked file (except Section 42, which is an HTML file) is saved in Adobe Acrobat format as well as in one other format (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or WordPerfect) for your convenience. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, there is a link below to the free download. Please note that the PDF format of the Amendment is the official version.

Amendment 2

Microsoft Word version of Amendment 2

Attachment Changes

•  1. Section B. - Level of Effort Matrix

Full and Open Competition    • Excel version
Small Business Set-Aside    • Excel version

These tables should be used instead of the tables originally provided with the Final RFP. Please calculate your Level of Effort using the new versions. See also Section B within Amendment #2

• 25. Labor Category Descriptions

• WordPerfect version

Only one Labor Category Description has been changed, that of Program Manager. The description linked here should be used in lieu of the original. All other Labor Category Descriptions remain the same.

• 27. Staffing Profile Estimates by Geographic Locations and Onsite/Offsite Location

• Word version

This attachment completely replaces the original Section J.27.

• 36. Sample Task Order PBSC Requirements

• Word version

This attachment completely replaces the original Section J.36.

• 42. CDC/ATSDR Guidelines and Policy Regarding Connection of External LANs

This attachment is new.

Please consult the FAQ and Tips section of the Final RFP page for assistance in producing your technical and business proposals.

Adobe Acrobat Reader link

Questions about this RFP and any amendments should be directed to Deborah S. Fallick

Questions about this web page should be directed to Linda M. Young


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This page posted July 17, 2001

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