A Service Provider is a commercial company that assists applicants, usually for a fee, in submitting grant applications electronically to HHS/CDC. Applicant organizations can either submit applications directly to HHS/CDC via Grants.gov themselves using PureEdge forms or avail the services of a Service Provider.

Disclaimer Note: Information contained on this Service Providers page neither constitutes nor should be inferred to be an endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Health and Human Services or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (HHS/CDC).

For those applicants dealing with Macintosh compatibility issues with Grants.gov, all eight Service Providers listed below offer a platform independent solution.

Service Providers Submitting via Grants.gov to HHS/CDC

For more up-to-date information on their readiness, please contact them directly.
Provider Name Company website Questionnaire Responses
Cayuse Inc. http://www.cayuse.com Product Questionnaire for Cayuse Inc.
Click Commerce Research.clickcommerce.com Product Questionnaire for Click Commerce
Clinical Tools http://www.healthproposal.net Product Questionnaire for Clinical Tools
eRA Software Systems http://www.gams.org Product Questionnaire for eRA Software Systems
Formatta Corp http://www.formatta.com/about/partners/nih/ Product Questionnaire for Formatta Corp
iMedRIS Data Corporation http://www.imedris.com/ Product Questionnaire for iMedRIS Data Corporation
InfoEd International http://www.infoed.org/ Product Questionnaire for InfoEd International
Research & Management Systems (RAMS) http://www.ramscompany.com/grantseralanding.html Product Questionnaire for Research & Management Systems (RAMS)

Note: HHS/NIH posed the same four questions to the Service Providers on the services they offer and their readiness for the upcoming electronic submissions. Their responses are detailed in the product questionnaires above.