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Application Guide [SF424 (R&R)]

Two versions of the application guides are currently available, each corresponding to a version of the SF424 (R&R) forms. Version 1 of the application guide continues to be used for Funding Opportunity Announcements posted before June 15, 2006 unless and until such opportunities are reposted. Version 2 of the application guide is to be used only with Funding Opportunity Announcements using Version 2 of the SF424 (R&R) forms (the updated application forms). These funding opportunities are clearly noted with a "Version-2-Forms" in the "Competition ID" field of the forms package. This field appears at the top left hand of the page when you open an application package with the PureEdge viewer.

For more details on the transition from Version 1 to Version 2 of the forms, see NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-06-078.

Version 2: To be used for FOAs clearly noted with "Version-2-Forms" in "Competition ID" field of SF424 (R&R) forms package.

Version 1: To be used for FOAs posted before June 15, 2006, unless and until such opportunities are reposted

Sample Application Forms

Application Examples

Training Video & Handouts on SF424 (R&R) Form Application Package Demo

Finding the PHS398 items in the SF424 (R&R) Form (crosswalk)

Errors and warnings (Validations)

Important Tips (including PDF)

  1. To avoid PDF problems, keep these PDF guidelines in mind.
  2. Under Senior Key Person, in Section A & B of the Research & Related Budget form, be sure to include the PD/PI.
  3. HHS/CDC strongly encourages applicants not to use double columns to present their research plans. Since some/many reviewers will be reviewing the electronic document, not a paper version, the two column format may pose difficulties.
  4. Applicants who submit a corrected application through must include a cover letter or extend the existing one because the information from the previous application is not retained and each submission has to be complete in itself.

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