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Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older, United States, 2018

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This figure should be read with should be read with the footnotes and additional considerations that follow. This figure and the footnotes describe indications for which vaccines, if not previously administered, should be administered unless noted otherwise.

* = Recommended for adults who meet the age requirement, lack documentation of vaccination, or lack evidence of past infection § = Recommended for adults with other indications ⇒ = No recommendation
adult vaccine schedule
Vaccine 19-21 years 22-26 years 27-49 years 50-64 years ≥65 years
Influenza1 *1 dose annually
Tdap2 or Td2 *1 dose Tdap, then Td booster every 10 yrs
MMR 3 *1 or 2 doses depending on indication (if born in 1957 or later) * *
VAR4 *2 doses
RZV5 (preferred) *2 doses RZV (preferred)
*1 dose ZVL
HPV-Female6 *2 or 3 doses depending on age at series initiation
HPV-Male6 *2 or 3 doses depending §on age at series initiation
PCV137 §1 *dose
PPSV237 1 or 2 doses depending on indication *1 dose
HepA8 §2 or 3 doses depending on vaccine
HepB9 §3 doses
MenACWY10 §1 or 2 doses depending on indication, then booster every 5 yrs if risk remains
MenB10 §2 or 3 doses depending on vaccine
Hib11 §1 or 3 doses depending on indication