IQIP: Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers

IQIP is CDC’s national, Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider-level immunization quality improvement (QI) program.

IQIP promotes and supports implementation of provider-level strategies designed to help increase on-time vaccination of children and adolescents.

IQIP strategies

  • Schedule the next vaccination visit before the patient leaves the provider site
  • Leverage immunization information system (IIS) functionality to improve immunization practice
  • Give a strong vaccine recommendation (include HPV vaccine if provider has adolescent patients)
  • Strengthen vaccination communications
  • Awardee-developed custom strategy (if offered)

The IQIP Process

IQIP is a 12-month process where public health representatives and VFC providers collaborate to identify QI strategies to increase vaccine uptake by improving and enhancing vaccination workflow.

Site visit

  • Discuss provider workflow
  • Review initial coverage
  • Select QI strategies
  • Plan for implementation of QI strategies

2-month and 6-month check-ins

  • Review progress toward strategy implementation
  • Update Strategy Implementation Plan

12-month follow-up

  • Review progress toward strategy implementation
  • Review year-over-year coverage change
Page last reviewed: July 13, 2020