Pregnancy and Vaccination

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A strong recommendation for Tdap can help protect babies from pertussis

With pertussis cases on the rise, prenatal care providers need to help protect babies by making a strong recommendation for the Tdap vaccine.

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Vaccines are an important part of a healthy pregnancy

Learn about vaccines you will need before, during, and after pregnancy to best protect yourself and your baby against serious diseases.

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Healthcare professionals: Recommend the flu shot to pregnant women

Flu is more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant women than in women who are not pregnant.

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Get the whooping cough vaccine while you are pregnant

Learn how your baby can be born with some protection against whooping cough, a disease that can be deadly.

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Get a flu shot during any trimester of your pregnancy

If you're pregnant during flu season, a flu shot is your best protection against serious flu illness.

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Whether you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or just had a baby, there are vaccines you may need to protect yourself and your baby. Some vaccine-preventable diseases can be deadly, and there are often outbreaks of disease in the United States. Learn how vaccines can help keep you and your baby safe from infection.

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As the most valued and trusted source of health information for pregnant women, it’s critical that ob-gyns, midwives, and other healthcare professionals are able to recommend maternal vaccines to their patients. Learn how to make a strong recommendation that pregnant women get vaccinated.

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Only mom can pass some protective antibodies to her baby, but everyone can help prevent the spread of disease. Family, caregivers, and friends can offer indirect protection to babies by being up-to-date on their vaccinations. Learn more about how to create a “cocoon” of disease protection against flu and whooping cough.

Vaccination is one pregnancy milestone among many. Find out how flu and whooping cough vaccines fit into the journey of motherhood.

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Learn why Laura decided to get the whooping cough vaccine in her 3rd trimester and how her baby girl was born with some protection against the disease.

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