Immunization Coverage in the United States

Parents are choosing to protect their children with vaccines against potentially serious diseases.

Map of US.

The National Immunization Surveys (NIS) show the majority of parents are making sure their babies, young children, and adolescents are getting recommended vaccines. Nationally, vaccination coverage has remained high for most vaccines routinely recommended for young children. HPV vaccination has also become the norm as the number of preteens who have started and completed the series continues to grow.

Talk with your child’s doctor to see if your child is up to date and protected from serious diseases. If he or she is behind on vaccines, your child’s doctor can follow catch-up immunization schedule.

It’s vital to keep high vaccination coverage among children because diseases that vaccines prevent like measles, can spread quickly through communities if children are unvaccinated.  These diseases can be very serious.


Page last reviewed: May 14, 2019