Objectives, Targets, and Indicators

Objectives, targets, and indicators are science-based goals for child vaccination coverage geared toward reducing illness and death from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Healthy People 2020 (HP 2020)External

Every 10 years, Healthy People provides science-based national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. The HP 2020 objectives IID-7 and IID-8External include specific targets on increasing vaccination coverage among young children.


The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information SetExternal (HEDIS)

HEDIS measures are tools used by health plans to measure performance on childhood vaccinations, including childhood immunization statusExternal.


The HRSA Maternal and Child Health National Outcome MeasuresExternal (NOMS)

NOMs for maternal and child health (MCH) population health status include NOM 22.1External for vaccination of children 19–35 months.


The CMS Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA) Children’s Health Care Quality MeasuresExternal

The 2017 Core Set of Children’s Health Care Quality Measures for Medicaid and CHIPCdc-pdfExternal (Child Core Set) includes childhood immunization status measures.

Page last reviewed: November 3, 2017