For Participants

Welcome NIS-Child, NIS-Teen, NIS-CIM, and NIS-ACM Participants

Have you been called by 312-871-4241, 312-871-4242, or 312-871-4243 (Caller ID CDC NATL IMMUN) about the National Immunization Surveys (NIS), including the NIS-Child, NIS-Teen, NIS-Child Influenza Module (NIS-CIM), or NIS-Adult COVID Module (NIS-ACM)?

Please be assured that you were contacted about a survey sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The NIS-Child, NIS-Teen, NIS-CIM, and NIS-ACM are conducted for CDC by NORC at the University of Chicagoexternal icon.

You or a member of your household may have a chance to take part in an important national survey that provides information to help guide your state and your country’s health policies.

The NIS-Child, sponsored by the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) at CDC, provides important information about childhood vaccinations and related health issues. CDC also sponsors the NIS-Teen, that provides similar information about vaccinations received by teens. The NIS-CIM provides information about flu vaccinations received by children and teens not included in the NIS-Child and NIS-Teen.

The NIS-Adult COVID Module (NIS-ACM) was added in April 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to assess COVID-19 vaccination coverage in adults aged 18 years and older.

If you received a call and have any questions about these surveys, please call NORC at 1-877-220-4805. Someone is usually available to answer the phone from 9AM to 9PM in your time zone. If possible, please call from the same phone line that received the call from 312-871-4241, 312-871-4242, or 312-871-4243 (Caller ID CDC NATL IMMUN). This helps us more quickly direct your call to someone who can answer your questions. If you leave a message, we try to return all calls received between 9AM and 9PM within one to two hours.

If you prefer to use a TTY, please call the AT&T Relay Service at 1-800-855-2880 and request that NORC be called at 1-877-220-4805.

The National Immunization Surveys (NIS) are conducted in households across the country by phone. The majority of the telephone numbers are randomly selected by a computer so it is possible that your phone number may be contacted.  Here is a letter from Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), which describes the surveyspdf icon.

Your participation is voluntary and no information that identifies any individual is ever shared or released. All survey responses and personal data are kept confidential in accordance with strict Federal regulations. Survey results are analyzed and published in reports to benefit local, state, and national public health programs.

Have questions? Please see Frequently Asked Questions about the Surveys.

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