Health Care Professionals

Welcome NIS-Child and NIS-Teen Vaccination Providers

You have a chance to take part in an important national public health program that provides vaccination coverage information to help guide the nation’s health policies.

Thank you for helping the National Immunization Surveys (NIS), including the NIS-Child and NIS-Teen, provide accurate information about childhood and adolescent vaccinations. These surveys could not be completed without your dedicated support.

Since 1994, the NIS-Child, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has provided the public with important information about childhood vaccinations and related health issues. In 2006, CDC started the NIS-Teen to provide similar information about vaccinations received by adolescents. The NIS-Child and NIS-Teen include a household interview and a mail survey to the child’s vaccination provider(s). In the household survey, a parent or guardian provides information about the age-eligible child or adolescent. After the parent or guardian grants permission to contact their child’s or teen’s vaccination provider(s), the Immunization History Questionnaire is mailed to you to obtain a vaccination history from the child’s or teen’s medical records. This is an essential part of the NIS-Child and NIS-Teen for monitoring vaccination coverage rates. The information you provide on the Immunization History Questionnaire (IHQ) is very important for CDC to track accurate vaccination coverage at national, state, and selected local levels.

The National Immunization Survey Provider Study includes:

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