Confidentiality 2015 to Present

How the National Immunization Surveys Keep Your Information Private

Since 1994, parents and guardians have participated in the National Immunization Surveys. Our commitment to your privacy is why so many parents and guardians participate in these surveys and give us reliable information. Your willingness to help allows CDC to ensure that accurate statistical information is available every year to national, state, and local health departments, the research community, and policymakers.

Protecting the Public’s Privacy… It’s the Law…

Information collected in the National Immunization Surveys is used only for reporting important statistical information about health issues. It is against federal law for us to give your name or any other information that could identify you to anyone, including the President, Congress, National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, or welfare agencies for any reason.

  • Everyone working on or conducting the National Immunization Surveys must sign a legal document saying they will keep your information private as directed by federal laws.
  • Anyone who shares private information collected in the National Immunization Surveys can face disciplinary action, including fines and criminal charges and may go to jail.

For two decades, the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at CDC has taken great precautions to protect the privacy of individuals, families, and businesses participating in the National Immunization Surveys.

CDC and NORC: a Long and Effective Relationship

Currently, NORC at the University of Chicago (NORC) collects the data for the National Immunization Surveys under a contract agreement with the CDC. Everyone at NORC who works on this survey is subject to the strict federal laws that protect your family’s and provider’s information. If any NORC staff member shares your private information, they will be punished under these laws.

Other safeguards for your privacy

Any information that could identify you, your family, or your vaccination provider, including your name, address, medical information, and any details about your job, family, or vaccination provider is removed before we make any information public.

CDC is well-known for the quality of information it provides to the public, the research community, and policymakers. That would not be possible if we could not protect your privacy.

The privacy of your personal information is protected by federal law known as the Public Health Service Act. Those working on the National Immunization Surveys must follow strict rules for treating your information carefully. These rules are meant to ensure that your privacy is fully respected and protected. If anyone working on the National Immunization Surveys gives out confidential information not authorized by law, he or she can be fired, fined, and/or imprisoned.

We have three very important reasons to protect your privacy:

  • It is the right thing to do
  • It helps us collect quality information
  • It is the law

For More Information

Information from the National Immunization Surveys is published in printed reports or made available on the CDC website. For more information and to access products from the National Immunization Surveys, visit:

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