ACIP Live Meeting Archive – September 22, 2023

Meeting Agenda September 22, 2023 [1 page]

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Videos: September 22, 2023

Welcome & Economics of Preventing RSV [122 minutes]
Introduction; RSVpreF Vaccine Safety Surveillance in Pregnancy from The Vaccine Safety Datalink ;Maternal RSV vaccine safety monitoring in the VAERS and Vsafe ; Economic analysis of RSVpreF maternal vaccination; Economics of Preventing RSV Disease among US Infants by Maternal Vaccination Prior to Birth

EtR Framework Updates; Vaccines for Children Resolution [136 minutes]
EtR Framework Updates: Pfizer Maternal RSVpreF Vaccine; Updated clinical considerations for use of both nirsevimab and Pfizer RSVpreF vaccine; Implementation considerations for maternal RSV vaccine; Vaccines for Children Resolution

Public Comments & Votes [57 minutes]
Public comment; Recommendation and VFC votes; Adult and Pediatric Immunization Schedule Addendum 


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