ACIP Live Meeting Archive – February 22-24, 2023

Meeting Agenda February 22-24, 2023 [PDF – 154 KB]

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Videos: February 22, 2023

Welcome & Mpox Vaccine [180 minutes]
Introduction; Epidemiology of mpox during 2022 outbreak in the United States; JYNNEOS vaccine safety; JYNNEOS vaccine effectiveness; Mpox vaccine acceptability and uptake from cross-sectional surveys; Interim clinical considerations; EtR: Use of JYNNEOS during mpox outbreaks 

Respiratory disease surge & Influenza vaccine [78 minutes]
Respiratory disease surge, Fall 2022, United States; U.S. Influenza activity update; Preliminary 2022-23 influenza vaccine effectiveness: CDC networks; Preliminary 2022-23 influenza vaccine effectiveness: Wisconsin

Public Comment & Votes [15 minutes]
Public Comment  & Votes: Mpox

Pneumococcal vaccine [117 minutes]
Epidemiology of pneumococcal disease among U.S. children; Estimating the impact of higher-valency PCVs on pediatric outpatient ARI
visits and antibiotic use; PCV20 Phase 2/3 study results among children; Preliminary EtR (incl. GRADE) for PCV20 use in U.S. children; Workgroup considerations   

Videos: February 23, 2023

Welcome, Meningococcal Vaccines & Polio vaccines [128 minutes]
Agency Updates; Epidemiology of meningococcal disease in the United States; Pfizer pentavalent meningococcal vaccine; Workgroup considerations; Recommendations for Adult Polio Vaccination

RSV Vaccines – Pediatric/Maternal [180 minutes]
Cost effectiveness analysis for nirsevimab – CDC model; Cost effectiveness analysis for nirsevimab – Comparison to manufacturer
model; Evidence to Recommendations framework for nirsevimab; Clinical considerations for nirsevimab; Safety and Efficacy of RSV Bivalent PreF Maternal Vaccine; Workgroup considerations

RSV Vaccines – Adult [181 minutes]
Cost effectiveness of the GSK and Pfizer vaccines (main CDC model); Comparison of cost effectiveness results of the main CDC model and each
manufacturer model (GSK & Pfizer); EtR (incl. GRADE) for 2 vaccines (GSK & Pfizer); Vaccine policy questions (GSK & Pfizer)

Chikungunya, Dengue & Varicella [115 minutes]
Global epidemiology of chikungunya; Chikungunya in U.S. travelers; Persistent arthralgia following chikungunya; Takeda dengue vaccine (TAK-003) safety and efficacy; Workgroup considerations; Public health impact of 25 years of varicella vaccination in the United States

Videos: February 24, 2023

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccines & WG Interpretation [121 minutes]
COVID-19 vaccine safety updates: CDC; COVID-19 vaccine safety updates: FDA; VaST summary; WG interpretation and summary

COVID-19 hospitalizations [98 minutes]
Updates on COVID-19 hospitalizations: COVID-NET; Updates to COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness in the United States; Considerations for transitioning to bivalent primary series

Benefit/risk for COVID-19 vaccines [101 minutes]
Benefit/risk for COVID-19 vaccines; COVID-19 vaccines: future directions 


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