Living with TBI

Survivor Stories

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Dr. Nicole Eastman's Story
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Dr. Nicole Eastman never imagined she would be on disability at age 30, or host a blog about her traumatic brain injury (TBI). The TBI survivor and social media enthusiast is providing hope and inspiration to countless individuals who have been touched by brain injuries. At the same time, she is helping herself heal from an event that changed her fast-paced life in an instant. Read more of Dr. Eastman’s story [PDF – 2 pages]

Lt. Col. Tim Maxwell’s Story
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They train together. They fight together. So if wounded, why shouldn’t they go through recovery together? This was the question that Lt. Col. Tim Maxwell asked about his fellow marines being discharged from the hospital and left alone to recover from injuries of war. Read more of Lt. Col. Tim Maxwell’s story [PDF – 2 pages]