Survivor Stories

Cole's Story
Real Stories: Cole.
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Cole’s wrestling coach saved his life by knowing concussion signs and symptoms.

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Shelby's Story
Real Stories: Shelby.
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High rates of head injury lead to a national rule change in high school cheerleading.

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Learn how you can also get involved to help protect youth and teens from concussion.

Tracy's Story
Real Stories: Tracey.
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Keeping quiet can keep you out of the game.

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Watch videos from Tracy, other teens, and their parents, and learn insights from professional athletes and concussion experts.

Zack's Story
Real Stories: Zack.
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The Lystedt Law: a concussion survivor’s journey. 

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“I never knew how serious it could be. I want the message to get out there. [Parents] need to know what to look for and that it can be a life-changing event.”

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Learn more about concussion in sports policies and laws.

See More Stories and Share Yours

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Watch the pros tell their stories, the experts give their insights, and families, both teens and their parents, discuss how concussion has changed their lives. Also learn about brain injury basics and helmet safety.

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