Concussion Videos

Watch the pros tell their stories, the experts give their insights, and families, both teens and their parents, discuss how concussion has changed their lives. Also learn about brain injury basics and helmet safety.

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Concussion Videos

Kurt Warner’s Story (Football)

Kurt Warner’s PSA (Football)

Justin Morneau’s Story (Baseball)

Justin Morneau’s PSA (Baseball)

Luc Mbah Moute’s Story (Basketball)

Luc Mbah Moute’s PSA (Basketball)

Kevin Pearce’s Story (Snowboarding)

Kevin Pearce’s PSA (Snowboarding)

T.J. Lavin’s Story (BMX)

T.J. Lavin’s PSA (BMX)

Heather O’Reilly’s Story (Soccer)

Heather O’Reilly’s PSA (Soccer)

Eric Byrnes: Protecting Young Athletes (Baseball)


Molly’s Story

Molly’s Mom’s Story

Gary’s Story

Gary’s Mom’s Story

Tracy’s Story

Tracy’s Mom’s Story

Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz: Egg Toss

Dr. Julie Gilchrist: Parents on the Frontlines

What Is A Concussion?

Concussion Animation

Concussion Signs & Symptoms

Responding to a Concussion

Concussion Danger Signs

Severe Brain Injury

Recovery from a Concussion

Returning to School

Returning to Sports

Brain Injury Prevention

Get Involved


Get a Head’s Up on Helmets: Helmet Fit

Vanessa’s Story

Dion’s Story