HEADS UP Partners

Many organizations have contributed to the reach and success of CDC HEADS UP. Through their invaluable participation, CDC HEADS UP materials have landed in the hands of parents, school and health care professionals, coaches, and athletes across the country.

Use of CDC HEADS UP Materials

CDC HEADS UP is pleased to share these tools and resources and to collaborate with a wide range of partners. All materials developed by CDC for the HEADS UP campaign are available for public use and distribution free of charge. CDC encourages the public to help get CDC HEADS UP materials into schools, doctor offices, youth based sports programs, and homes nationwide. Please feel free to add your organizational logo or name to the CDC HEADS UP customizable fact sheets and use the CDC HEADS UP materials in your programs or educational efforts.

Note that use of CDC HEADS UP materials by organizations external to CDC as part of their own program or educational efforts and/or reference to any commercial entity or product on this page should not be construed as an endorsement by CDC or the Government.

We Need Your Help

CDC works to get HEADS UP concussion materials into the hands of many people, such as parents, health care and school professionals, coaches, and athletes. And now we need your help to reach out to your community. You can make a big difference in educating your community about concussion and keeping kids and teens safe from injury. Check out the links below to learn more.