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CDC works to get HEADS UP concussion materials into the hands of many people, such as parents, health care and school professionals, coaches, and athletes. And now we need your help to reach out to your community. You can make a big difference in educating your community about concussion and keeping kids and teens safe from injury.

Below are some ideas to get you started, ranging from small activities to larger-scale efforts.

Talk to Your Children about Concussion Safety
  • Get Concussion Information on Every Sideline
  • Customize and Distribute Materials
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    Customize HEADS UP resources for your school or league to distribute.

    • School Meetings
      Show videos and distribute HEADS UP concussion materials at your school’s orientation and PTA meetings.
    • Registration Packet Materials
      Work with schools and leagues to include HEADS UP materials in sports registration or back-to-school packets.
    • Web Sites
      Post links to CDC’s HEADS UP materials and online trainings, as well as other free resources, on your child or teen’s school or leagues web site.
    • Blogs, Newsletters and Publications
      Include concussion education messages and links to materials in blogs, newsletters, and publications.
  • Spread the Word on Social Media
    Like the HEADS UP Facebook page and send educational messages on concussion safety though your social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Check with Your School/League
    Ensure your child or teen’s school or league has a concussion management and return-to-play action plan in place.

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Learn More about Concussions and Brain Injury

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Concussion Signs and Symptoms

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Responding to Concussion

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Danger Signs

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Severe Brain Injury

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Recovery from Concussion

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Brain Injury Safety and Prevention

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