Investing Resources Wisely

We’re charting a unified course for every new data and technology project

man pointing to charts and graphs on a virtual interface

As we embark on a wide variety of modernization projects, we want to make sure that we’re solving problems in ways that line up with the future vision for the whole agency.

Unified IT and Data Governance has already saved millions for the agency by reviewing all information technology and data investments, preventing the creation of duplicate systems, and connecting programs to existing systems that meet their needs.

In 2022, ITDG reviewed 120 new investments and provided 98 decision memos that are moving the agency forward together. It has been key to the adoption of modern technologies at CDC, including our new data, analytics, and visualization platform; our Cloud strategy; a Cloud data hub; and an Enterprise Data Catalog that serves as a “library card catalog” of CDC’s high priority data. We also added an Architecture Review team (ART) to our governance process to ensure technical alignment across the agency.

On November 1, 2022, the ITDG executive committee endorsed the development of four components of the Data Modernization Initiative that will help us realize our future goals. These include the North Star Architecture, a CDC “front door” for data, a new CDC data ecosystem that will work for all programs, and changes to the case reporting data flow.

Shared governance will continue to play an important role in making sure our investments are smart, efficient, timely, and drive modernization ahead in the most effective ways.