What is CDC Doing?

CDC’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion’s sepsis-related work includes:

  • Understanding the epidemiology of sepsis by assessing the adult sepsis burdenExternal and identifying factors that put people at higher risk for sepsis.
    • Working with pediatric and critical care specialists to develop ways to assess sepsis burden in children.
  • Developing tools for tracking sepsis, such as the Hospital Toolkit for Adult Sepsis Surveillance Cdc-pdf[PDF – 126 MB], to help healthcare facilities assess adult sepsis incidence within their facilities.
  • Working with partners, including the CDC Prevention Epicenters, to develop innovative ways to improve sepsis early detection and treatment.
  • Promoting early recognition and timely treatment of sepsis through:
    • Get Ahead of SepsisCDC’s educational effort for patients, healthcare professionals, and the general public.
    • Collaboration with partners, clinical organizations, and consumer groups to implement sepsis awareness efforts and improve antibiotic prescribing and use.
  • Preventing infections in health care settings and in the community so that infections that can lead to sepsis can be stopped before they happen