Partner Materials

CDC offers free educational resources to help partners communicate how to prevent sepsis or spot it early when it happens.

Introduction Letter

This partner toolkit introduction letter provides an overview of the following communication tools to make it easy for you and your organization to help promote the importance of sepsis early recognition and prompt treatment, as well as the importance of preventing infections that could lead to sepsis.

Partner Toolkit Introduction Letter Cdc-pdf[PDF – 141 KB]

Eight Ways to Get Ahead of Sepsis
  1. Download and distribute the new educational materials, which include fact sheets, brochures, and infographics for consumers and healthcare professionals, as well as Spanish-speaking audiences. They are available for printing and for electronic posting.
  2. Watch and share “The Domino EffectExternal” TV public service announcement and “Four Ways to Get Ahead of SepsisExternal” video.
  3. Customize our social media messages (see below) to spark conversation on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Remember to use the hashtag #GetAheadOfSepsis in all social media messages.
  5. Share the Get Ahead of Sepsis  social media graphics.
  6. Post the Get Ahead of Sepsis web buttons to your organization’s website or blog.
  7. Customize the news release in this toolkit (see below) and push it out to media to demonstrate your organization’s support of Get Ahead of Sepsis.
  8. Use the “drop-in” articles in your e-blasts, newsletters, and other publications (see below).
Partner Webinar: “Learn How To Get Ahead of Sepsis”

In honor of Sepsis Awareness Month, CDC hosted a partner webinar in September 2018 to provide an update on the Get Ahead of Sepsis educational effort since its launch in September 2017, including an overview of new materials, CDC’s Sepsis Awareness Month events, and a sneak peek of activities for the next year.

Missed the presentation? Download the PowerPoint slides here:

Partner Webinar: “Learn How To Get Ahead of Sepsis” Cdc-pdf[PDF – 21 Pages]

Sample Social Media Messages

Copy and paste the below social media messages and use #GetAheadOfSepsis in any messages you share.
Repost CDC social media messages about Get Ahead of Sepsis. Visit @CDCgov, @CDC_NCEZID, and CDC’s Facebook page.


Facebook Posts


  • #GetAheadOfSepsis helps patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals prevent infections and recognize sepsis early. Learn more.
  • #GetAheadOfSepsis = ACT FAST. Get medical care RIGHT AWAY if you suspect sepsis or have an infection that’s not getting better or is getting worse.
  • Protect your family. Know the sepsis signs and symptoms. #GetAheadOfSepsis
  • Infections can lead to a deadly chain reaction called sepsis. Share this message and talk to your doctor or nurse to learn the signs and symptoms. #GetAheadOfSepsis
  • If you or your loved one has an infection that’s not getting better or is getting worse, ask your doctor or nurse, “Could this infection be leading to sepsis?” Learn more: #GetAheadOfSepsis
  • Learn how to prevent infections and manage chronic illnesses to #GetAheadOfSepsis
  • Anyone can get an infection, and any infection can lead to sepsis. Learn how to #GetAheadOfSepsis.
  • #HCPs: if you suspect sepsis, start antibiotics as soon as possible. Reassess antibiotic therapy in 24-48 hours to stop or change therapy as needed. Be sure antibiotic type, dose, and duration are correct. #GetAheadOfSepsis

Download graphics to share on Facebook.


Twitter Posts


Download graphics to share on Twitter.

Customizable News Release

Customize this news release by filling in pertinent information in the brackets. Send it to media to demonstrate your organization’s support of Get Ahead of Sepsis.

Customizable News Release Cdc-pdf[PDF – 203 KB]

Drop-in Articles

Share these sample articles in newsletters, blogs, and other publications.

For All Audiences—Brief:

Drop-in Article for All Audiences—Brief Cdc-pdf[PDF – 160 KB]

For Patients/Families:

Drop-in Article for Patients/Families Cdc-pdf[PDF – 181 KB]

For Healthcare Professionals:

Drop-in Article for Healthcare Professionals Cdc-pdf[PDF – 178 KB]

Educational Materials

The Get Ahead of Sepsis downloadable materials help support and educate healthcare professionals, patients, families, and caregivers about their important roles in recognizing sepsis and preventing infections that can lead to sepsis. Print and distribute these materials to patients, caregivers, colleagues, and your networks.

You can also get print copies of the materials. Here are two ways to order:

  1. On the CDC-INFO On Demand page, select “sepsis” from the “programs” drop-down menu and click “search”.
  2. CALL 1-800-CDC-INFO.

For Patients/Families:

Share these fact sheets, brochures, and PSAs with patients and families.

For Spanish-speaking Patients/Families:

Share these brochures and fact sheets with native Spanish-speaking patients.

For Healthcare Professionals:

Share these fact sheets, infographics, and brochures with healthcare professionals. 

Social and Digital Media

Post and share these graphics and videos on your social media channels, blogs, and websites.

Sharable English Videos

“The Domino Effect” TV Public Service Announcement

Share “The Domino Effect” TV public service announcement to spread the word about the importance of sepsis early recognition and timely treatment.

“The Domino Effect” TV public service announcement

“The Domino Effect” (short) TV public service announcement

“Four Ways to Get Ahead of Sepsis” Video

Share this video to help others understand sepsis risk factors and symptoms, and how to prevent infections that can lead to sepsis.

“Four Ways to Get Ahead of Sepsis” video

Sharable Spanish Videos

 “El Efecto Dominó”

“Cuatro Maneras de Ganarle a la Septicemia”

Animated GIFs

Download and share GIFs.

Web Buttons

Download these web buttons with code.