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Regional Training Workshops: Teaching Tomorrow’s Disease Detectives

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Did You Know?

CDC trained over 200 educators in 6 major cities during the regional workshops held from 2018-2020.

The regional training workshops are modeled on the CDC Science Ambassador Fellowship one-week training, only shorter. The regional training workshops provide a unique opportunity to network with CDC’s EIS officers, also known as CDC’s disease detectives, CDC Science Ambassador fellows and alumni, CDC staff, local public health professionals, and faculty and students of schools and programs of public health.

Public Health Topics

The two days are filled with interactive sessions in which middle-and high-school teachers and education leaders learn strategies to teach public health concepts and inspire interest in public heath careers.

Public health topics covered during the workshops could include:

  • Applied epidemiology: Investigating an outbreak like a disease detective
  • Infectious disease: Pandemic influenza, One Health, and zoonotic disease
  • Global health: The global HIV epidemic
  • Population health: The opioid overdose epidemic and the obesity epidemic
  • Environmental Health: Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • Public health careers: The path to becoming a CDC disease detective


Who May Register

  • U.S. citizens who currently teach middle school (6-8 grade) or high school (9-12 grade)
  • U.S. citizens who currently hold an education leadership position in a U.S. school, district, or state (e.g., district curriculum coordinator, principal, department chair, STEM coordinator, state teachers association representative, afterschool program director)

How and When to Register

The Science Ambassador Regional Training Workshops are on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check our website for updates on future regional training workshops.


Workshops will be announced as scheduled.