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Prepare Application Information

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Prepare your application materials

  • Review eligibility
  • Update your resume or CV, and have the following information ready for application prompts: contact information; college education and professional development; work and volunteer experience; publications, presentations, grants, honors and awards.
  • Prepare answers to the following personal statement questions:
    • How will completing this fellowship will help you achieve your goals?
    • How do you anticipate using the concepts and skills learned in this fellowship?
    • What is your experience incorporating new content into your curricula?
    • For re-applicants: When did you last apply and what has changed since your last application?
  • Identify one person to complete the online recommendation form on your behalf.
    • Recommendation forms should be completed by your school’s principal, department chair, or your supervisor.
    • Provide your recommendation writer with the Recommender’s Guide [167 KB, 1 Page, 508].
    • The recommendation form must be submitted online by the application deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

Table of Contents