In your home

brown bat roosting in a barn

The little brown bat is one of America's most abundant and widespread species. It is often found roosting in attics or barns.

If you are certain no people or pets have come in contact with the bat

Confine the bat to a room by closing all doors and windows leading out of the room except those to the outside. The bat will probably leave soon. If the bat doesn t leave, contact an animal control or public health agency for assistance. If help isn t available, follow the steps to capture a bat.

If there’s been contact between the bat and people or pets

If a bat is in your house and you have any question about whether the bat has been in contact with people or pets, you will want to have the bat captured and tested. Call animal control or a wildlife conservation agency for assistance. If professional assistance is not available, follow the steps to safely capture the bat and save it for testing.

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