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Clinical Content of Care for Men

Doctor taking a patient's blood pressure

Preconception care offers an opportunity, similar to the opportunity it presents for women, for disease prevention and health promotion among men. In addition, preconception care for men is an important factor in improving family planning and pregnancy outcomes for women, enhancing the reproductive health and health behaviors of men and their partners, and preparing for fatherhood.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that each male, planning with his partner to conceive a pregnancy, should have a comprehensive medical evaluation for the purposes of preventing and finding disease and providing preconception education. Management should be optimized for any high-risk behaviors or poorly controlled disease states prior to attempting conception.

Importance of Preconception Health and Health Care for Men

Preconception health and health care for men:

  • Is critical for ensuring that all pregnancies are planned and wanted.
  • Can result in improved pregnancy outcomes by enhancing men's biologic and genetic contributions to the pregnancy conception.
  • Can result in improved reproductive health biology for women.
  • Can result in improved reproductive health practices and outcomes for women.
  • Can result in their own improved ability to be a better father.
  • Can be a venue for enhancing the health of men through access to primary health care.

Table of Contents

For further detail on the preconception clinical content for men, please read the full article.

Health Promotion

  • Family Planning and Reproductive Life Plan
  • Examination and Testing
  • Healthy Weight
  • Immunization
  • Inflammation
  • Mental Health
  • Reducing Stress and Enhancing Resilience

Personal History

  • Family History and Genetic Risks
  • Past Medical and Surgical Histories


  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Illicit Substances
  • Environmental
  • Hobbies
  • Medications