PRC Tools

This page provides a listing of PRC tools organized by health topic.

A woman working on a laptop

A web-based program to help those with epilepsy manage their epilepsy.


Three older women lifting dumbbells

A treatment program to reduce depression and improve quality of life among older adults as well as those with epilepsy.

HIV and Sexual Health
Students working on laptops

Native Voices
An HIV prevention program for American Indian and Alaska Native youth.


A sexual health video library in American Sign Language is available for use with deaf communities. Man shown is using sign language to convey information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Sexual Health Video Library for Use by Deaf Communities
An American Sign Language video series to raise awareness about sexual health information with deaf communities.

Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity
children playing hula hoop

A school health program promoting physical activity and healthy food chooses in preschool – 8th grade.


two children laughing and eating apples

Concession Stand Toolkit
A toolkit to help booster clubs or parent groups to introduce healthy foods at concession stands


A Pastor smiling from the pulpit during a church service

FAN: Faith, Activity and Nutrition Program
A program to help churches create healthier environments for physical activity and healthy eating.


a woman surrounded by vegetables

Farmers Market (FM) Tracks
A tool to evaluate healthy food incentive programs used by SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) customers.


Inside of a shopping mall

Mall Walking Guide
A guide to help mall managers and community groups start and keep up a walking program.


Young boy eating a green apple

A nutrition and physical activity guide for wellness practices and policies in after-school and similar programs.


Two women cooking together in a kitchen

Seeds of Hope
A tool to help rural women address lifestyle changes related to obesity.


Image of a happy woman

Weight Wise Leader Guides
A weight loss program for low income women in the South.

Other Research
Four people viewing a desktop screen

Arkansas Statewide Public Health Database Available Online
A free, searchable Arkansas public health database.


Family enjoying the beach

Diabetes and the Family
A program for community health workers to help families prevent and manage diabetes.


An adolescent girl is running with open arms toward a man in wheelchair.

Healthy Aging Network (HAN) Environmental Audit Tool
This toolkit was created to help planners analyze neighborhoods for unsuitable conditions and to identify where changes are needed.


Two teenagers conversing

It’s Your Game
An abstinence-plus on-line program and class for teens.


A road sign printed with the words: Invest in Your Health with a background of apples, peaches, oranges, and kiwi.

Rural Restaurant Healthy Options Program
This toolkit targets small, owner-operated rural restaurants. It helps their customers make positive food choices by raising awareness of healthy menu options.