Study Findings

The PRC program’s grantees conduct research that contributes to improved community and population health. Successes highlighted here are reviewed for one or more of the following:

  • Changes in policy, systems, or environments.
  • Offers scalability and replicability for other populations.
  • Expands the evidence base of public health priority areas (including the National Prevention Strategy, Healthy People 2020, CDC Winnable Battles, or the NCCDPHP Domains).
  • Impacts the health of the population or community.
  • Results in measurable changes in practices or reach.
  • Documents behavior, practice or health outcomes in population(s).
  • Contributes to health equity or reduces health disparities.
  • Engages community in implementation.
  • Provides economic evidence for public health decision making.
  • Improves scientific knowledge, technical capability, or clinical practice.