It’s Your Game…Keep It Real! (IYG) Curriculum and Training

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A Prevention Research Center Tool Showing Evidence of Effectiveness


It’s Your Game…Keep It Real! (IYG) is an abstinence-plus program shown to delay sex among middle school youth. IYG uses both classroom and computer instruction to promote abstinence and to teach students about their bodies, healthy relationships, personal boundaries, and protecting themselves from pregnancy and STDs. The IYG curriculum includes 24 lessons (54 minutes each) that can be used in science, health, or other classes. There is also a 2-day interactive IYG training that gives teachers a better understanding of adolescent sexual health and well-being.


IYG is an evidence-based curriculum proven to be effective by a variety of studies. A study of 10 Texas middle schools found that students who received IYG were less likely to begin having sex by the 9th grade than students in the comparison group. The findings suggested that the program may help delay sexual behaviors for up to 24 months.1 Another study of 15 urban middle schools showed that students completing the program reported delayed first-time sex, reduced unprotected sex, and reduced frequency of vaginal and anal sex.2 IYG has also been effective in reducing dating violence, especially among ethnic minority youth.3


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