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The Compare Counties Report allows users to compare data between the United States and up to three counties. By default, all categories (Health Outcomes, Prevention, Health Risk Behaviors, and Health Status) display, fully expanded, to show data for all measures at the national level (Default Location: United States). Crude prevalence, age-adjusted prevalence, and their corresponding confidence intervals appear for each measure.

Compare Counties
Health Outcomes table showing Data Type column and United States as default

Collapsing or expanding each category in the report can be done by:

  1. Clicking the hyperlinked category name;
  2. Clicking the collapse/expand icon(s) ([+]) next to a category name; or
  3. Clicking the Expand All/Collapse All links at the top of the report.
Links to expand and collapse categories
Expand a specific category by clicking on the name
Add a County

Begin comparing data between counties by adding the county(s) of interest to the report.

To add a county to the report:

  1. Click the Add County button in the report header.
Click to add a county to the report
  1. Find and select your county of interest. Use the search functionality to filter the list of counties as you type. When you click on a county in the list, it will move up to the Selected County section of the pop-up menu.
Auto complete search feature filters counties as you type
  1. Add your county of interest to the report, by clicking the Add button, and allow the report to refresh.
Select a county then click the add button to add it to the report

A maximum of three counties can be added to the report. Once three counties are added to the report, the Add County button at the top of the report will become disabled. The counties will appear in alphabetical order by state, then county.

Add County button becomes disabled after 3 counties have been added to the report
Edit or Remove a County

Once a county has been added to the report, it can be replaced by another county or removed from the report all together.

To replace the previously selected county (County A) in the report with a different county (County B):

  1. Click the edit link under the county you wish to replace in the report and the Select County dialogue box will display.
Click the edit link if you would like to replace a county
County is pre-populated
  1. Select a new county (County B) from the Browse All Counties menu to replace the original selection in the report.
Select a new county from Browse all Counties list to replace the original selection and click the Add button
  1. Click the Add button to replace the old county with the newly selected county and allow the report to refresh.
The newly selected county replaces the old one on the report

To remove a county from the report:

  1. Click the remove link under the county you wish to remove from the report.
Click the remove link under the county you wish to remove
  1. When the Remove County dialogue box appears, click Remove to delete the county from the report.
Click Remove when the Remove County dialogue box appears

Allow the report to refresh and the county will no longer be displayed as part of the report.

County will be removed from the report and the Add County button will appear
  1. If you did not intend to remove the county from the report, click Cancel to keep the county in the report and to close the Remove County pop-up box.
If you did not intend to remove the county click cancel and close the Remove County dialogue box
View Measure Definitions

The view definition hyperlink below each indicator in the first column of the Compare Counties Report links to another webpage where definition and reference information for each measure is located.

Click the view definition link below each measure to learn more it
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