Current Release Notes

2021 Release Live as of December 2021!

In the 2021 release, 22 of the estimates are based on Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 2019 data and 7 (all teeth lost, dental visits, mammography use, cervical cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, core preventive services among older adults, and sleeping less than 7 hours a night) are based on 2018 data.

The 2021 release includes additions and changes to measures and measure categories:

  • Added a new category titled Health Status
  • Added two new measures, depression (Health Outcomes category) and fair or poor self-rated health status (Health Status category)
  • Renamed the category Unhealthy Behaviors to Health Risk Behaviors
  • Moved the obesity measure from the Unhealthy Behaviors category to the Health Outcomes category
  • Moved 2 measures (mental health not good for ≥ 14 days and physical health not good for ≥ 14 days) from the Health Outcomes category to the new Health Status category

Estimates for New Jersey are not available for measures based on BRFSS 2019. The state did not collect enough BRFSS data to meet the minimum requirements for inclusion in the 2019 annual aggregate data set. However, the 7 measures only available in BRFSS 2018 will be carried over for New Jersey.

Estimates of cholesterol screening for 2017 (provided in the 2020 release) have been revised for all geographic levels. Because of changes in the BRFSS questions related to cholesterol screening, revised estimates are generally higher than estimates previously released. Updated estimates can be downloaded from the data portal or the ArcGIS Online service.external icon

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