Associates Talk About PHAP

Associates are excited about their work and the impact they make on public health. Each associate has a distinct PHAP experience. In the videos below, hear straight from recent associates about their one-of-a-kind experiences, challenges they overcame, and how PHAP guided their career goals.

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Jamila Shields

Jamila chose PHAP because working for the CDC is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” that she couldn’t pass up.

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Klaudia Wojciechowska

Through PHAP, Klaudia received great mentoring—and was pleasantly surprise to become a mentor, herself.

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Adrick Harris

What Adrick liked most about relocating to New Orleans for PHAP was immersing herself in a new culture.

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Haley Trapp

As a social science major, Haley chose PHAP so she could explore public health through direct experience.

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Kerry Lynne Miley

Kerry is very grateful for the environmental health experience she’s gained through PHAP—in the field and the lab.

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Jonathan Chang understands how geography can affect the public’s health in unanticipated ways.


PHAP provides Maddy LaFerla Jenni with mentors who are helping her envision her future career.


Through PHAP, Brittany Anderson discovers unique health challenges of life above the Arctic Circle.


Rudith enjoys being able to affect change through public service for her host site in Indiana.


David learns how data can make a difference—knowledge he’ll put to use in the future.


Quetzabel enjoys sharing what she learns at her host site with her PHAP peers.


Samantha is a budding leader, connecting people to achieve a common goal, thanks to PHAP.

Connor Bridge

PHAP has given Connor the chance to learn a completely different set of skills.

Shannon Davis

Shannon learned that if you have drive and are given opportunities, your possibilities are limitless.


Gabrielle chose PHAP to get real-world public health experience.


Through PHAP, Reid helped increase low-income students’ access to care.


PHAP ayudó a Audilis a lograr sus metas.


Kevin describes how PHAP offered him a wealth of opportunities.


Even with Diana heavy science background, PHAP was the right next step.


Jessica says that PHAP is a great avenue to make a difference.


Montique says PHAP is exciting!


Anthwan says PHAP helps you discover whether public health is right for you.


Through her PHAP placement, Hannah learned independence.


Jessica overcomes nerves to learn a cool new technical skill.


Kenta describes the part he played in the 2014 Ebola response.


According to Sachiko, there’s no typical week in PHAP!


Anthony educated others and worked with local jurisdictions on the 2014 Ebola Response.


John Guerrieri describes the unexpected joys of relocating for PHAP


Christian acquired new skills while also sharpening her current ones.


Mary gets to work with a culture and community new to her.


Luis played in the “public health super bowl” while supporting the 2014 Ebola response.


Through PHAP, Priyanka finds her passion for writing and storytelling.

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